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 Key NoteoPENING address

Federal Treasurer, the Hon Josh Frydenberg MP

As a strong voice on key local, national and international issues in the Federal Parliament, the Treasurer will play a crucial role in underpinning the conference theme, Taking Charge of the Change, by providing insights into the Government’s priorities for the finance sector and the state of the banking industry at a national level.

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 Key NoteArtificial Intelligence and Automated Reasoning 

Toby Walsh, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, UNSW/CSIRO

  • Many Fears About AI Are Wrong - Should you be worried about progress in Artificial Intelligence? 

  • What AI Can (and Can't) Do - AI is transforming our lives. What can it do? What will it do? What should we welcome or fear? It is clear that he next industrial revolution has started. 

  • Future of Jobs - Automation looks set to replace many jobs in the next few decades. Toby discusses some of the myths and misconceptions about the future of jobs, and injects some realism into how AI and Robotics will change the landscape of work.

  • Ethical challenges in AI - As we hand over more decisions to algorithms, and give more autonomy to machines, we have to worry about the ethics of these new applications.

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Michael Saadat, ASIC, Senior Executive Leader

ASIC Regulatory Update | the Changing Landscape of Regulation in Finance

Michael Saadat, Senior Executive Leader, ASIC

  • An overview of ASIC's regulatory agenda

  • Inisghts into ASIC's review into the mortgage broking industry

  • The rise of regtech and its relationship with technology

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TRust and Ethics in Financial Services

Moderator: Helen Gordon, CEO, AFIA | Pauline Vamos, Former CEO, Regnan | Cris Parker, CEO and Director, The Banking Finance Oath | Brandon Khoo, Executive General Manager, APRA

The Royal Commission has raised some serious questions about the operation and regulation of financial services. The panel will consider the importance of trust and ethics in banking and the next wave of regulation likely to effect the sector.

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The State of the Economy

Paul Bloxham, Chief Economist, HSBC

What's driving changes to the housing market, the stock exchange and the mineral sector? How is Australia fairing compared to the rest of the world? Paul will address the driving factors influencing the finance sector as well as the nation's economic outlook at large. 

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Panel | Moderator: Brandon Stannett, CNH Industrial Capital, Managing Director | Natalie Malligan, UBER, General Manager NSW/ACT | Harry Toukalas, Blackhall & Pearl, Group Managing Partner | Behyad Jafari, The Electric Vehicle Council, CEO

Autonomy and Breakthrough Technologies 

Moderator: Brandon Stannett, Managing Director, CNH Industrial Capital | Mitch Cooper, Public Policy & Government Relations, Uber | Harry Toukalas, Group Managing Partner, Blackhall & Pearl | Behyad Jafari, CEO, The Electric Vehicle Council | Dr Geoff Allan, Chief Operating Officer, National Transport Commission

What is the future of autonomy and how will it exist in a regulatory environment? What influence will disrupters like UBER have on customer expectations? How will autonomy influence sustainability and what part will Blockchain and artificial intelligence play in the development of cars and equipment? 

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The Evolution of Behavioural Economics in Consumer Lending

Mike Daniels, Founder, The Behavioural Architects

  • Behavioural insights in 2018 - Why behavioural insights matter

  • Consumer expectations - How experiences with non-banking industries have shaped consumers’
    expectations from banks and credit unions.

  • Behavioural interventions - how simple interventions can create major behavioural change.


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Implementing Change in a Digital Environment 

Moderator: Jim Lennon | Special Counsel Norton Rose Fulbright Australia | Andrew Solomon, Acting Deputy Commissioner, The Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) | Fang Chen, Group Leader/Senior Researcher, Data61/CSIRO | Pete Steel, Executive General Manager - Digital, CBA

The panel will discuss the influence of the world's digital evolution on customer expectations, open banking and how data is value in 2018 and beyond. 

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PaymentS and the digital economy 

Moderator: Hugh Lander, CEO, BOQ Specialist | Leila Fourie, CEO, Australian Payments Network | Adrian Lovney, CEO, NPP Australia Limited | Kareem Al-Bassam Chief Product Officer, AfterPay

The panel will discuss changes to payments, the introduction of the NPP and what’s in store for consumers as financiers continue to digitise the Australian economy.

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Planning for Disruption - How to Stop Yourself Being Disrupted

Matt Tice, CEO, Insurgence Group

  • Drivers of disruption -  the changes that have resulted in the finance sector's disruptive landscape such as customer expectations, venture capital funding, ease of entry in the industry, and the pace of technological evolution.

  • Changing mindsets - How to foster a culture of innovations.

  • Tackle the digital change - How to adapt with the rapid pace of change